At Keep The Beat we start from the beginning where it all comes from.

Kylah "KP " Seabrooks - Community Engagement Officer

Kylah was born and raised on the west side of Detroit, Michigan. She is the backbone of DJ Spin and co-director of Keep The Beat. Musically inclined on all levels from being a female disc jockey to being a on air internet radio personality. KP brings a great deal of talent to KTB.

Keep The Beat Program

Our Mission: KEEP THE BEAT INC'S, mission is to mentor through music using STEM and develop youth into competent individuals and instill community pride through service projects.

Our Program: KEEP THE BEAT INC was created to introduce youth to contemporary music concepts thru STEM involving the art of the disc jockey, music theory, beat and rhythm. KTB is a program for youth in grades 7th-12th and will teach the concepts of music, audio/visual training and online radio broadcasting. They will also learn about the importance of giving back by serving in the community during quarterly service projects. KTB students will be required to participate in service projects while they are learning the musical concepts.

Our Funding: KEEP THE BEAT INC., is a non-profit organization that relies upon generous donations to continue impacting the community in invigorating and inspiring ways. Your donation matters.

Our Vision:
-We are dedicated to ensuring that we meet our students and their current levels, and enable them with the skills, knowledge and abilities to exceed their potential. -We pride ourselves on being the ONLY program of it's kind to offer contemporary music training and community engagement opportunities that enact social change. -We offer high-quality education and information on the art and the business side of becoming a disc jockey, and music producer. -We are committed to providing you access to top notch equipment, tools and the latest technology available.

About Us

William Nesbitt-Promotions Director

Born in Nashville, Tennessee in April 1970 amidst a village comprised of generations of love, culture, spiritual influence and positive energy. This environment has sustained William through the years, guiding him through almost three decades of marketing and promotions. William has spearheaded countless lifestyle awareness campaigns for some of the music industry’s hottest talents and served as host to many successful nightlife events and clubs in Los Angeles.  As Director of Promotions at World on Wheels, William diversified the image of the skate center by partnering with special niche promoters.   William contributes his success to his firm spiritual foundation, warm social interactions and the constant need to learn. There is no such thing as a stranger and penned his approach in 3 words – prepare, practice and perform…


DJ Spin - Chief Music Director

DJ Spin was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in South Central Los Angeles. He has 25 years in the music industry as a disc jockey/engineer. His experience includes clubs, radio mixer, skating rinks, house parties and weddings. He has provided music for events in Jamaica and overseas in London (U.K.) Spin has always dreamed of taking his talents and showing others. So now this is his opportunity to do just that.

Keep The Beat Inc. A 501(c)3 Non Profit